Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Digital Malaysia to transform economy

PUTRAJAYA (Oct 19, 2011): The government aims to increase the contribution of high-value, knowledge-driven digital initiatives from the current level of 12.5% of the Gross National Income (GNI) to 17% or over RM294 billion by 2020.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak said this could be done with the adoption of the Digital Transformation Programme, called Digital Malaysia, one of the key components of the National Transformation Policy.
He said Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), mandated to spearhead the initiative, has assured that the implementation of the first projects under Digital Malaysia will begin in the first quarter of 2012.
“We started with the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), we followed with the New Economic Model, the Strategic Reform Initiatives and the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).
“Then, we have the Political Transformation Programme, followed by the Rural Transformation Programme, and Digital Malaysia will complete the national agenda leading to 2020,” he said, after chairing the 23rd Implementation Council Meeting and the 14th MSC Malaysia International Advisory Panel (IAP), at his office today.
On the RM294 billion target, he said RM75 billion will be from the digital transformation initiatives, RM93 billion from the existing information communications technology (ICT) initiatives and RM126 billion is expected to be garnered from the ICT initiatives in the ETP and GTP.
Najib said part of Digital Malaysia will include strong emphasis on two major trusts – innovation and creativity, and productivity.
On the aspirational goals, he said, in terms of (ICT) contribution to GNI, currently it is at 9.8% and the government hopes to achieve 17% by 2020.
“In terms of Digital Economy Rankings, we are now 36th out of 70 countries but by 2020 we hope to be in the top 20.
“In terms of IMD World Competitiveness Scoreboard, we are ranked 16th out of 59 nations and we hope to be in top 10 by 2020,” Najib said.
The premier also said Malaysia needs a solid push and clear framework to build a digital economy which will be an important enabler for the country’s transformation.
“As a nation, we are entering a crucial phase as we are now firmly into the decade in which we much achieve our goal. It is undeniable that the next wave of economic growth will come from the knowledge-based economy, with digital technologies as a key driver of progress,” he said.
Najib said the new world is a digital one and in order to stay competitive and reap its benefits, it is imperative that Malaysia has all the right elements and strategies put in place.


Also participating was Deputy Mosti Minister YB Datuk Fadilah Yusuf

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Berjaga-jaga dengan kandungan internet - Yang Berhormat Datuk Fadilah Yusuf

Don’t take in everything from the Internet, villagers advised

KUCHING: Deputy Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Fadillah Yusof advised the villagers of Kampung Kudai Ulu here to take in only constructive and helpful ideas from the internet.

“It is something that the public have to take note because some of the materials from the internet are detrimental to the harmonious society that we currently enjoy,” he said.

Fadillah said this while presenting prizes to the winners of a cooking competition, karaoke contest and traditional bertuntung competition at Kampung Kudai Ulu, Fadillah, who is also Petra Jaya MP, warned the residents against outside influence that might try to poison the minds of the local communities and cause them to dissent against the local council (DBKU) due to the ill-intended comments posted on the internet.

Meanwhile, he said that in the global world competition is stiff among those who want to achieve the same goal.

“Therefore, take a step further by obtaining true knowledge in order to be ahead of the rest of the competitors.

“With knowledge, you will be more aware of your surroundings and can learn to make better decisions,” he said.

Fadillah assured that the government was always willing to help them to achieve success and hoped that they could continue to build a sustainable relationship with the government.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Kuala Lumpur International Venture Capital Symposium 2011

 Browsing around: Najib with WCC Telco chief cxecutive officer Muhammad Sufeil Yusoff (left)  and Deputy MOSTI Minister Fadilah Yusuf (right) during an exhibition tour of the KL International Venture Capital Symposium at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre yesterday. — Bernama

PM is the world’s first political leader to take advanced role on environment

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has proposed the setting-up of a World Environment Organ­isation (WEO).
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who made the proposal, said WEO would be consultative and assist countries to meet global commitments, unlike the World Trade Organisation which was regulatory and set standards.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sukarelawan pemuda BN dan 'Early Response Team' berkhidmat di seluruh Sarawak

Early Response Team

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Penubuhan Sukarelawan Pemuda BN Negeri patut di puji

Penubuhan Jawatankuasa Sukarelawan Pemuda BN Negeri yang dipengerusikan oleh Mohd Kamaluddin Haji Mohd Effendie adalah satu usaha yang baik dan patut disokong oleh semua pihak.
Bahkan penubuhan jawatankuasa ini yang turut memain peranan sebagai pasukan bertindak cepat (Early Response Team) bagi membantu dalam perkara berkaitan bencana alam, msibah dan sebagainya.
Sarawak memerlukan kepimpinan muda seperti Datuk Fadilah Yusuf dan Kamaluddin untuk melengkapi generasi muda dengan semangat sukarelawan dan keprihatinan yang tinggi agar menjadi generasi yang berguna kepada bangsa, agama dan negara.
Walaupun pada ketika ini adanya cemuhan-cemuhan yang dilemparkan kepada Fadilah dan Kamaluddin kerana jawatankuasa ini kelihatan gagal bertindak membantu mangsa-mangsa banjir dalam kejadian banjir yang berlaku baru-baru ini.  Jawatankuasa ini hanya baru ditubuhkan dan ianya memerlukan masa untuk dapat benar-benar berfungsi secara optima.

Berilah masa kepada jawatankuasa ini dan juga pemimpin muda Sarawak Fadilah dan Kamaluddin.

Apa jua kritikan ataupun cemuhan yang dilemparkan terhadap jawatankuasa ini, Fadilah dan Kamaluddin patut dipuji atas usaha penubuhan ini.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jaga sungai sarawak - Yang Berhormat Datuk Fadilah Yusuf

Do your part in conserving Sg Sarawak’

Posted on September 26, 2011, Monday

WELL DONE: Fadillah (fourth left) presents a prize to a winner for the ‘best lorong’ in the bertuntung (lamp) competition. Witnessing the presentation are Wahap (third left), Madinah (second left) and others.
KUCHING: Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Fadillah Yusuf has urged the people, especially those living along Sungai Sarawak, to do their part in the conservation of the river.
This is because the river, he said, acts as the ‘soul’ of the city which gives life to Kuching Waterfront and at the same time warms the hearts of tourists, enabling them to experience the wondrous city.